Atom and GitHub Integration


small question, I use atom text editor and I love it, today I installed Github for windows. Since all my commits messages triggered notepad.exe, I used the following line to change my global editor:

 git config --global core.editor atom

Now everytime I try to commit something, atom start and open the indicated file, but in my powershell windows, git says:

Aborting commit due to empty commit message.

There is any guide or config settings to make atom work with github for windows? Thanks.


I think you should use 'atom --wait' (quotes included) instead of just atom


Yep, that work. Thank you for the help.


I also found it only works when Atom is not already open.

It appears to need to be able to spawn its own process to wait (even passing atom --wait)

I even tried forcing a new window but that didnt work: atom -n -w


Same problem, do you think is a problem of GitHub for Windows?


Which platform are you running on @russlescai? On OS X, I’ve never run into that issue …


@leedohm I’m using Windows 8.1 (atom version 187).


It appears that the Windows behavior is documented here:


Awesome, thanks for the reference @leedohm, I’ve subscribed.