Atom and Electron CLI switches


I’m using Atom 1.6, which is using Electron 0.34.5. In the Electron docs it mentions the --debug and --debug-brk switches.

However running /Applications/ --debug-brk=60131 hangs. Normally node processes print out that they’re waiting for a listener before proceeding. Using --debug allows Atom to run, but as I’m running a test (--dev --test) I’d like the process to block so I can connect my debugger (WebStorm).

Is there something I’m doing wrong?

Breakpoints at BrowserWindow Startup (--debug-brk)

Atom has its own command-line option parser. It may not support all Electron options. I don’t believe that Atom has a documented method for debugging the main process. (Though I’ve heard that the debugger statement works pretty well.)


Thanks @leedohm. I’ve raised as Atom shouldn’t take away from Electron’s capabilities.


Is it possible to get some help to point me in the direction of the CLI option parser?


To my understanding, the option parsing is here: