Atom 13.x and strange behavior when editing


After I installed 13.x I got very strange behavior when editing a file. The normal text appears like this:


    <h4>13 Jan 2017</h4>
      <li>Updated <strong>m3u8-parser</strong> to 2.0.0 and <strong>videojs-contrib-media-sources</strong> to 4.1.4</li>
      <li>Added <a href="">Representations and Quality Levels</a></li>

    <h4>23 Dec 2016</h4>

After I click in the text sometimes when I edit on a line the actual edits occur on the line below. Also, sometimes I get a look like this:
Notice an extra blank line has been added. No idea what the blue boxes are.

I completely uninstalled and reinstalled with only my most essential packages, but after working well for a few minutes the odd behavior started again.

Any hints greatly appreciated!

PS-Had two screenshots, but as a new user, could only include one, hence the code block.


Does it happen when you start Atom from the command line with atom --safe? If not, then the fault probably lies with one of the packages you have installed. Can you take any actions that determine whether or not the blank line appears?