Atom 1.9.0-beta0 Find/Replace pane resizing issues


When I have several tabs open (~10+) the Find/Replace pane is stretched beyond use–i.e., I cannot view the Find, Replace, or various option buttons. I don’t recall this being an issue under Atom 1.8.0.

Relatedly, I am unable to view all open tabs when ~10+ are open, and I cannot scroll left/right to see them.

Atom 1.9.0-beta0, core packages only
OS X 10.11.2


I cannot replicate this using Atom v1.9.0-beta0 on Mac OS X 10.11.5. Can you reproduce the problem in Safe Mode? To launch Safe Mode:

  1. Completely exit all instances of Atom
  2. Launch Atom with the command atom-beta --safe

The not being able to scroll the tabs thing is a known Issue. I’ll track it down when I get a moment and update this post with the link.


Yes, I can reproduce using Safe Mode. When I have the screen maximized (as seen in the screen shot), it takes ~15+ tabs to replicate the unwanted behavior, but when not maximized (as I typically use atom), it takes 10 or less.


Ok, yes, I was able to reproduce the problem once I opened enough tabs. But I was only able to replicate it on the Beta. It appears that it is already fixed in the latest master.


OK, I’ll see if the network issues that pushed me to Beta have been resolved in 1.8.0.


Just to clarify, by master I meant the latest development version. v1.8.0 is the current Stable version.


The only one I have heard about is There is also the problem of all options not showing. From what I understand just scrolling over the tab bar should, depending on the tab bar scrolling setting, run pane:show-next-item or pane:show-previous-item? I can’t test to see how it works since it doesn’t work :smiley:
To me it sounds like the problem here is that scrolling the tab bar left/right is not working which is a different issue. For scrolling left and right on the tab bar I need to hold the shift key down.

The overflowing thing is probably which has an unanswered question if it should be added to beta.