Atom 1.7 breaks svn package - how to revert to older version?

Since the update to Atom 1.7 today, Atom throws an error on startup which I could track down to the svn package which is not compatible anymore with the new async git handling.

Since I heavily rely on this package, I would like to downgrade Atom to 1.6 until the problem is fixed. How can I do that? I could not find any installers for older versions on

BTW: Isn’t Atom using semver? I am a bit puzzled that a minor release introduces such breaking changes.

Here you can find all the versions under the rainbow :rainbow:

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Thanks, but the problem is: If I install one of these older versions, Atom will auto-update itself back to 1.7 on next restart. And I could not find an option to prevent this (in 1.7 I saw it on the about page, but this is missing in 1.6).

Ah, found a config setting at least:

try rebuilding the package via the atom debugger, otherwise try other methods?