Atom 1.6 Frequently Freezes with SFTP Project Folders (All Platforms)

Update: Although the original post covered only Ubuntu 14.04 the issue is reported on all other platforms. See the issue link in the third post below.

Since updating from version 1.5.4 to 1.6.0 Atom freezes constantly when trying to open files (or sometimes view the directory) with networked project folders which are connected via SFTP. I have tried running Atom in safe mode and also tried 1.7 beta and had the same problem.

The Editor is not responding message finally appears after waiting for nearly thirty seconds, and choosing Keep Waiting sometimes fixes the problem, though sometimes not. It will then happen again as soon as another file is selected from the file tree. Atom also commonly freezes (but not every time) when restarting the program with the project folders added, and if it does eventually unfreeze at launch it will soon freeze again when trying to open a file.

The networked folders are connected through the built-in “Connect to Server” feature in Ubuntu’s Nautilus file browser:

The problem occurs with linked folders on local virtual servers as well as remote servers, so high latency doesn’t appear to be an issue. Atom doesn’t seem to have CPU any spikes during the freeze either as far as I can tell.

Any help will be greatly appreciated! I hope to continue using Atom for years to come, but will be unable if I can’t work with remote folders.

Please file an Issue on

I have filed it as issue #11214. My thanks for the suggestion!

As the original poster of the issue it would be remiss to not stress that this problem does render Atom 1.6.0 completely unusable. The github issue page currently has 15 participants reporting the issue on all platforms, so that number will surely climb significantly as the update continues to be pushed. So just wanted to raise a little more awareness of it forum-side before too many others are affected. Best of luck to all. :stuck_out_tongue: