Atom 1.6 freeze when open files in NFS mount

Hi Atom team,

I use Atom for Macos, and i browse my folder with NFS on VirtualBox.
From 1.5.4, it worked without any problems, but when it upgrade to 1.6, i can’t open any files, it always freeze. If i go back to 1.5.4, it work normally. So i think we have issue with Atom 1.6.

Thank you!

You should post an issue on atom/atom.

Similar problem here. Project in vagrant, connected via SSHFS freezes when opening a file. Versions before 1.6 worked fine.

Currently Atom is not usable for me anymore.

No any Atom support, poor here T_T

Sorry, we’ve been trying to figure out the problem … so things have been busy. By the way, for others interested, the Issue is documented here: