Atom 1.56 won't open on Windows 10

Reference: Atom v1.56 won't open on Windows 10 · Discussion #22334 · atom/atom · GitHub

I was using Atom as usual. Today it won’t start from the taskbar shortcut. So I check what went wrong.

  • I have searched Atom Discussion: Search results for 'Atom won't open' - Atom Discussion
  • and did search the internet to troubleshoot.
  • honestly got overwhelmed with so many similar cases and workaround.
  • have tried restart with new /.atom/config.cson; didn’t help.
  • haven’t found the solution tho’…

Screenshot image

I found out that the new version (Atom 1.56) was installed via automatic update.

  • /atom/app-1.56.0/atom.exe (installed on 14/4/2021) fail to start.
  • /atom/atom.exe (modified on 14/4/2021) fail to start.
  • /atom/app-1.55.0/atom.exe (installed on 11/3/2021) start successfully as usual.

I am using:

    OS: Windows 10 10.0.19042
    CPU: (4) x64 Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4200U CPU @ 1.60GHz
    Memory: 3.51 GB / 7.89 GB
    Node: 14.15.1 - ...\nodejs\node.EXE
    Yarn: 1.22.10 - ...\node_modules\.bin\yarn.CMD
    npm: 7.8.0 - ...\nodejs\npm.CMD
  • Why /atom/app-1.56.0/atom.exe won’t start on Windows 10?
  • What should I do to be able to use atom normally?
  • Is it safe to replace /atom/atom.exe with /atom/app-1.55.0/atom.exe ?