Atom 1.54.0 will not start - Win 10 X64

Hello Folks I am a new user. Last night I got the AtomSetup-x64.exe installer from the Atom web site. The installer starts and tells me it will open Atom when it is done. The installer window goes away but Atom never comes up. It has 3 processes running. I let them run overnight in case it was downloading something, though it showed no network activity. After letting it run all night the 3 processes are still there and their memory usage has changed. Still not Atom though.

I looked through the form and I tried killing the processes and I was going to remove the .Atom directory but I could not find it. I also tried to start Atom from the application data directory and it did the same thing. I have uninstalled and re-installed the package.

Thank you for any help.