Atom 1.53.0 suddenly stopped finding files in python script

I have a Windows10 PC, atom 1.53.0 and Python 3.9.0

The following line used to work, but suddenly the file was not anymore found
game_font = pygame.font.Font(‘04B_19.ttf’, 40)

I could find the file using workaround
THIS_FOLDER = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(file))
my_file = os.path.join(THIS_FOLDER, ‘04B_19.ttf’)
game_font = pygame.font.Font(my_file, 40)

I had same problem with all (image-)files that I tried to open in python/pygame

I executed the same python file in command line and it worked well without any workaround

Restaring atom or PC did not help

When I reinstalled atom 1.53.0, the problem disappeared and everything started to work.