Atom 1.41.0 x64 (windows) - Lost my data

I am using Atom 1.41.0 x64 on Windows 10 home (x64) on the notebook. I do my job during the night at my home and after the finish I saved all the files but not close Atom, then I closed notebook (it falls to sleep), disconnect cables and go to my office. As soon as I came to my office, I connect my notebook, open it and test my files in Atom (which was minimized).Everything seems good so I save my files again and close the Atom. After a few hours when I should present my work I opened the Atom and voala…I saw a files in versions from previous day, all my work was gone.
I started to reaserching the matter and found some of my lost files (more preciselly parts of my files) in \AppData\Roaming\Atom\Cache.
Is there any way how to automate such a job, I mean to “restore” the rest of my files? In this way let me informed you that I am not using any other pakckage which should help me in this matter (git, save/restore etc.)
The list of installed packages is quite short : atom-beautify@0.33.4