Atom 1.40.0 does not work on my iMac

I just upgraded to Atom 1.40.0 on my Mac running 10.13.6. This version of Atom does not work at all on my machine. When I start Atom it opens a blank window and that’s it. The menus work but nothing happens when I select something. The window has the name of my last project in the window border at the top but that is all. Can I reload version 1.39?
Version 1.39 worked fine.

It’s working fine on both my Macs (MacOS 10.14 and 10.15), but I did have this problem with a previous release. Deleting Atom and re-installing fixed it - I think I just replace the app file, and didn’t delete settings, packages, etc, but it’s been awhile, so I’m not absolutely sure

ps. might be worth trying to start Atom in safe mode too

same thing happening for me as well on my macbook pro. MacOS High Sierra (10.13.6) on Atom 1.40.0. The app loads but it won’t show any windows