Atom 1.4.0 will not open at all on Mac OS

Computer: Mac
OS: 10.13.6
App Version: 1.4.0

Issue: Atom fails to open on my MacOS, however it opens perfectly fine on the Atom Beta. I don’t exactly know what’s causing this issue. I have tried deleting the .atom directory, deleting & re-installing, and deleting any file with .atom. Even after doing all that, it still refuses to open. It was working perfectly fine a few hours before, but now it just refuses to open at all.

Note: This is effecting Atom 1.4.0, Atom Beta works fine.


Update: Thankfully, I got it to open again. Just had to restart my machine after deleting the .atom directory.

NOTE: Forgot to mention this, but don’t forget to reinstall atom after deleting .atom and restarting your machine