Atom 1.34 does not start without internet connection with my w10 1809

Can you help me? my Atom does not start whithout internet. thank you

What happens when you try to open Atom from the command line using atom --safe? Atom doesn’t normally require an Internet connection to start up.

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I will try and see the result after. thank you so much

it’s not work

That’s weird.

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when I run atom, it appears in task managers and after disappears and will not launch unless I connect to the internet

It’s not wise to run the command prompt as administrator unless you really need to.

Open your user folder and go to AppData/Local/atom. Do you see a bin/ folder with four files in it? If so, you need to add that bin/ folder to your PATH.

If you’re connected to the Internet and disconnect, does Atom continue to work?

yes, I added it to PATH but it still does not start without internet? I’m on windows 10 1809, and it started since I updated my system

If it started when you updated Windows, then it might be a problem with Windows.

yes, I believe but atom 1.34 is released after the update

You can test that, by downloading for a previous release from GitHub. Unzip that, start the Atom executable that’s inside, and see if it works.

I will try and I will tell you the result. Anyway thank you very much

No problem. :slight_smile:

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It sounds like you didn’t have this issue prior to 1.34 so I’m not sure if this will help, but folks in mentioned that enabling the loopback adapter fixed things for them. That issue wasn’t specific to 1.34 though, but maybe it’ll help in your case too.

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it’s run after windows update. thank’s to all