Atom 1.33.0 is not starting on macOS 10.13.6


Hello everyone,

I’m totally new to the programming world so I basically do not know anything.
I have just installed the latest Atom version but when I try to launch it, it won’t start at all. Apparently there is nothing I can do. Can someone please help me?

Thank you very much.



how have you installed Atom? Have you used Homebrew? It’s a package manager for macOS1 and verifies checksums, for example.

So one approach may be reinstalling Atom:

  1. Open your Terminal (open /Applications/Utilities/ or just use Spotlight)
  2. Remove the Atom data directory: rm -rf ~/.atom
  3. Install Homebrew (see the link above)
  4. Install Atom using Homebrew: brew cask install atom. This should create a new app at /Applications/

1 I really like it :slight_smile:


One thing to mention is that the Homebrew install is unofficial and not supported by us. I’d suggest using one of the documented installation methods:

If Atom doesn’t start for you, I’d try some of the suggestions in the debugging guide like safe mode and temporarily resetting to factory defaults for example:


Thanks guys for your help.
I made it work by updating my mac to the latest version!