Atom 1.27.1 cpu/memory hog - intermittently unusable


Hi folks, I have been atom for over a year now and keep things up to date. I started to notice the following behaviour over the last day or so which likely corresponds to a 1.27.1 update on the mac.

Atom was hanging for a few seconds - I couldn’t scroll in a document. I now pay more attention and this seems to happen every 5-15 seconds while working on a document. Making things very painful. Rebooted mac and now no extra applications running except atom. Activity monitor shows that the “atom helper” goes to 150-170% of cpu usage (so more than one core) during these intermittent outages.

Anyone else experiencing this? There are a bunch of packages loaded but nothing new.


Hi folks, just to add, the issue still seems to persist with the beta 1.28 version but less so. It is particularly bad when you stop typing and try to scroll with the touchpad on the macbook pro or with the j key in vi mode. Atom helper spikes in terms of cpu usage at these moments.

Any logs I can grab from somewhere to try and diagnose ?


I haven’t seen this behavior in the latest beta or 1.27.1. Have you checked if this is reproducible in safe mode (atom --safe)? Also, does it happen no matter what project you have open or only if you have a particular project open? Or if Atom is running with no projects open?


The dev tools have several performance tools that can graph what is happening and where the function calls are taking a long time. I don’t know much about it though, so I can’t help more than that.


Great suggestions. Opening a new project and a new document does not seem to reproduce the problem. The original document was a small-medium size .tex file, produces a 25 page article, something I have had open in atom many,many times with no issues. I do have various latex packages loaded including language-latex, latex, and the latex-autocomplete.

I will look into the dev tools.


The problem doesn’t exist in safe mode … package problem maybe?


Normally when it works fine in safe mode. It could be latex-autocomplete.