Atom 1.2.4 break my linux system


Hi buddies,

I’m using atom since the 0.136 version. And recently I meet a new kind of trouble.

Since the 1.2.3, Atom take a long time to startup (7 seconds against 3 seconds).

And It might be, unusable. Each time, when I attempt to save a file, Atom freeze and bubble to all my system.

After investigate, nothing happens in safe mode and Atom seem to keep all my RAM and all my HDD usage.

I’m using the Lenovo Yoga 2.13 laptop working with Linux 4.2.5-1-ARCH and Gnome Shell 3.18.3.

Thanks for your rescue.

Kind regards.


If the issue doesn’t reproduce in Safe Mode, then it is almost assuredly one of the packages you have installed that is causing the issue. Have you tried determining which one is the problem?


Hi Leedohm,

Yes, a friend of mine gave me this advice.

I have many packages.

I will try dichotomous investigation.