ATOM 1.19.0 Issues


Atom does not automatically update properly. Every time I manually select to check for updates and select restart and install, the program never reopens, I have to open program and I notice the update has not been installed.

Also, my live server does not load my content, instead it shows the listing directory.

How can this be resolved???


What operating system are you on?


Mac OS Sierra 10.12


What happens when you use the window:reload command by itself? Does Atom always close when you do that? What happens when you open Atom in safe mode (from the Terminal with atom --safe) and then try to reload it? It worked fine before 1.19?

It sounds like you’re using a package here. Which would that be?


I have not tried those commands. I am using Atom live server package.


What happens when you do?


When I use atom --safe the live server package is no longer installed.


It’s still installed, but it doesn’t get activated because you’re in safe mode. That’s not what I’m asking about, though. What happens with the updates when you’re in safe mode?


I tried the update and restart but it hasn’t restarted. Let me manually
reopen it


It did not update


What happens when you go to View -> Developer -> Reload Window? What exactly is refusing to update?


Atom did not update. Also Reload window is not an option under Developer.


That’s really weird, because that’s where that menu item is. Try ctrl-alt-cmd-l, since that’s what the keybinding apparently is for Mac.

Have you tried downloading 1.19.2 and installing it yourself? All of your settings and packages are stored in ~/.atom, so you won’t lose anything.


Do you have administrator rights?


I have tried downloading the update while in admin account, it still will
not update.


I have downloaded 1.19.2 hopefully this version will work better