Atom 1.18 freezing after saving a text file on Mac OS


Hi all!

When Atom updated to version 1.18, whenever I save a file and continue typing Atom freezes and after some seconds it continues to function perfectly, but it is quite annoying that Atom freezes when it is saving the file.

I’ve tried opening Atom in safe mode but this still happens.

Does anybody see the same behaviour?

BTW, I’m using Mac OS 10.12.

Cheers :slight_smile:


Here’s a GIF showing what happens (I use the Cmd+S shortcut to save the file, you can see the blue dot disappears when I save it and some time afterwards it freezes):


Update: when disabling the github package Atom works fine.


Same for me, disabling Github core package ( Atom stop freezing after save.


@avm99963 @pioz:

Do either of you observe an absurdly large number of tracked files when the github package is enabled?


yeah, i had all node_modules dir tracked.


There’s a solid chance that that’s the reason why.