Atom 1.18.0 crashing


I updated Atom, and immediately the editor crashes every time I open it. I have no idea how to figure out what’s going on. Is anyone else having this issue?


See my recent comment here:

Can you try temporarily disabling the GitHub package and see if Atom crashes after that?


I’m having the same problem. I downloaded Atom last night and it was working perfectly upto this morning. But for the past hour every time I open it it just opens to a blank window with nohing showing even after waiing for it. Not sure what has gone wrong. reinstalled it three times now same issue. is there an older version I could use?


Same problem. Boo


@IsaacOluoch - your issue sounds like this one?

So Atom isn’t crashing, but you’re getting a blank window?

If that’s the case, people on that thread have noted that clearing saved state has gotten them past the problem:

Note that any unsaved changes across all projects will be lost if you run this command but if that’s not an issue for you, you can give it a try:

atom --clear-window-state


@jpoechill - did you try temporarily disabling the GitHub package?


Thanks, @rsese. That appears to have fixed problem–

I tried initially to uninstall all of my community packages, only with no effect.

Is this just a bug with the Github package?

Thanks, again.


Ahhh yeah, the GitHub package is a core package.

It definitely seems like it’s at least related if Atom doesn’t crash for you with that package disabled. There were 3 issues identified with the GitHub package and 1.18.0 detailed here:

If you’d like, you can follow along with those issues for updates.


This command resolve my issue with the last version of Atom on Mac. Thanks @IsaacOluoch !