Atom 1.17.2 x64, 1 deprecation in Atom Core



someone else getting a deprecation warning in Atom Core?

atom core (1 deprecation)
Assigning editor 4’s height explicitly via position: ‘absolute’ and an assigned top and bottom implicitly assigns the autoHeight property to false on the editor. This behavior is deprecated and will not be supported in the future. Please explicitly assign autoHeight on this editor.
TextEditorComponent.measureDimensions - :6911:26
TextEditorComponent.becameVisible - :6195:18
TextEditorComponent.checkForVisibilityChange - :6893:22
atom-text-editor.attachedCallback - C:\Users\masa\AppData\Local\atom\app-1.17.0\resources\app\src\text-editor-element.js:87:22
atom-pane.activeItemChanged - C:\Users\masa\AppData\Local\atom\app-1.17.0\resources\app\src\pane-element.js:144:24
Function.module.exports.Emitter.simpleDispatch - :62396:20


Looks like this issue?

Based on, can you try clearing saved state and see if that fixes things for you? Please make sure to save any unsaved work first, any unsaved work is not recoverable after clearing saved state:

atom --clear-window-state


Worked for me, thank you.