Atom 1.13 update non-functional


Hi, I’ve been using Atom for a long time and love it. This morning, I re-started my computer and it updated to 1.13.0. I’ve never had a problem with updates before but now Atom is pretty much non-functional. I can start the application but when I try to open a file or a project folder, it goes into something that looks like dev mode in google chrome.

I uninstalled Atom and re-installed it and still get the same thing.

Any help greatly appreciated.


Follow up:

The 2 errors presented in the console are that come up when attempting to open a File

  1. input.es6:90 Uncaught (in promise) CssSyntaxError
  2. parse.es6:28 Uncaught CssSyntaxError: :4:16: Missed semicolon

Not sure if these are causing the larger problem.

Also, many of the drop down options are non-functional (e.g., ‘About Atom’ doesn’t do anything)


Do the problems occur when you start Atom from the command line with atom --safe?


Yes, the problems occurred even when I did atom --safe.

I ended up moving (and backing up) .atom. That allowed me to re-install, and I’m now re-configuring.


Let us know if the problem shows up again.



Thanks for looking into this.

I have the same problem. Even with atom --safe.

If I try and open a file… no file opens and I get an error in the console

Here’s a screenshot showing the error.



I am having a similar problem. I am on mac OS when I updated to 1.13 when it opened after restart it just crashes and gives the option to close the window.


I had to delete .atom (I moved it to .atom_BACKUP) in my home directory, which then allowed me to re-install (when I re-installed with the old .atom there, it started up with the same problem). It took a while to get things set up the way they were (not entirely a bad thing as some of my configurations needed a refresh).

I suspect that what is causing it to crash is something in .atom.


Before deleting or moving the ~/.atom directory, people should try following the steps in the debugging guide in the Atom Flight Manual, specifically under the section Clearing Saved State.


Slightly off-topic, but I would suggest trying Atom Beta. It’s really good, I didn’t had any problems with it {knocking on wood}.