Atom 1.1.0 keeps freezing


Hi, after updating to the latest ‘stable’ version of atom, it keeps freezing. Now is unusable.

I’ve already uninstalled it completely (erasing both /usr/share and /home/user/.atom folders), I’ve tried using --safe and --dev and looked into console for errors but there is nothing.

Sadly it does not give me any feedback, it just freeze.

I’ve tried the troubleshoot provided in FAQ but without any result.

Atom is installed in Ubuntu Gnome 15.10

What else can I do to fix this issue?

Thanks in advance!


Any clues as to when it freezes? What are you doing when it freezes? Does it freeze during startup? What happens when it freezes? Does it display a dialog box?


That’s the headache… It doesn’t give me any feedback. No dialog box, no nothing. The OS just tell me: ‘the program isn’t responding’ and asks me to close or wait. Atom responds again after a couple of seconds.

It freezes when trying to edit a file of any type: php, html, js.

It stop freezing when there isn’t any project folder opened.

Can composer be a problem?


Can you try disabling the spell-check package?


I’ve just did that with no results.

Atom-beta does not work too.

I’m really really considering reinstalling the whole OS but that would be a big loose x.x


Iv’e made another --dev session. There is a Java object consuming a suspicius amount of resources each time Atom hangs out. How can I share that information?


If you’re talking about using a CPU Profile or Heap Snapshot, you should be able to save those and post them somewhere that you can share a link to them.


I have seen Atom freeze if there is a problem with git.
Try starting Atom in different directories or doing this:
mv .git .git-hold
To temporarily disable your git repo.


It was GIT o.O

I will have to re check that. Thanks, men, you have just recovered my Atom back =D

Just tell me if I can update this thread to help someone else.