Atom 1.0 will not install on Windows 7


Had no trouble installing it on Mac OSX, but when I tried on Windows 7, I get the following error:

Tried to look at the Setup Log, but when I click that button, the dialog just goes away and nothing happens. Is there some way to manually retrieve the log?

The only thing odd about my setup is that I’m running Windows in Parallels 9 on my Mac. Yes, I tried downloading it multiple times, and I even tried turning my computer off and on again, per Moss and Roy’s advice… :wink:

Setup installer atom it doesn't work!

We know that occasionally there have been issues running Atom on a VM, but most of these were after installation as far as I know.

@paulcbetts, have you seen this before?


I can try it again tonight on my home computer, my Mac/Windows computers are separate at home, no VM. I’ll try it there tonight and update the ticket if it works. If so, then it could be a VM issue. I’m actually behind one version on Parallels because my work is not upgrading it for now. Not sure if the version has anything to do with it or not.


Previous issues with VMs were around not being able to use the mouse or some rendering weirdness I believe, so I’d be surprised if installation is an issue due to it. But you never know.

If you could let us know how the other installations at home go, that’d be appreciated. :thumbsup:


This means that we cant extract files and run them from LocalAppData. This is worked around in Squirrel.Windows but Atom is still using an old version


Any other workaround you can suggest in this case here?


Update: Had no trouble installing it at home, not on a VM. So, that could potentially be the issue…but, it’s hard to tell at this point. It would have been helpful to be able to see the log file.


You can find that here:


I found this issue and responded with my solution in another thread, that one was actually focused on Win 8.1 but since I was using Win7 maybe the solution is more suited here.


Yes having had earlier releases (especially if those were installed with Chocolatey on Windows at the time) is always a good candidate for installation issues.


I know how to do to install window 7 atom in the atom installer setup does not work download version is the only one that works in window 7 try it and tell me.


@kike There is no inherent problem installing Atom on Windows 7. It’s fine for most people, including myself.

Can you give us some details as to what happens when you use the installer? Do you get any error messages by any chance?


I had the same problem. I could solve it by running the setup exe as administrator.

I think there are two (related?) bugs here: First, it seems that the installer needs to be run with local admin rights. This should be mentioned on the download page, or better yet, the installer should check it by itself (if this is possible).

Second, there is the case of the missing log file. It seems, that - for whatever reason - the installer can not open the setup log. Here too, at least an error message should be opened; my guess is that the program crashes at this point.