Atom 1.0 is out!


Dudes (and Dudettes):

Start your celebration orgies now!

Look at the flashy new homepage, too:


and is down :frowning:


Crap. :shit: Probably overloaded.

ping @thedaniel! We have a 503 here, Dr.!

There’s been some pressure on all day, so it’s just a matter of chilling out a little and trying again later.


Thanks for a very nice editor to everyone involved.


Anyone know what theme they are using in the screenshot on the homepage now? It doesn’t look like Atom Dark and it looks really nice!


That’s the one-dark-ui theme.


Thanks @leedohm!


Thanks to all! I FUCKING LOVE ATOM

split this topic #9

I moved a post to a new topic: Won’t install for me on Windows 8.1


No Ubuntu 32-bit version? But why…?


Has the Issue## 1603 (Reopen windows when relaunching Atom) been added in Atom 1.0?
As it’s marked for “1.0-roadmap”.


It’s been closed for some time actually. Feel free to try it out.