Atom .0168.0 for Windows is stuck in endless downloading update/install and restart


Tonight after downloading the latest update for Atom .0168.0 for Windows, Atom appears to be stuck in an endless downloading update and then install and restart Atom. Each time I click update and restart, it says it downloading the latest update again.


You have to give it a few minutes (or longer if you’re on a slow connection). The UI doesn’t really display when the download is done. You could also try uninstalling and reinstalling.

Sorry I’m not more help, I don’t have a Windows machine.


I’ve been having the same bug since this morning, when Atom updated itself to version 0.168.0


I’m seeing something similar, but not the exact same thing. However, it may be related.

My current installation is Atom 0.166.0. When I saw that 0.168.0 was out, I went to the help menu to check for the update, but it said that 0.166.0 was the latest version (though it sometimes also tries to download the update).

I decided to try updating manually by downloading the 0.168.0 installer and running that, but it exists seconds after running.


And… it looks like 0.169.0 fixes the problem. Go figure.


I had to remove atom completely and manually download the installer from the repo cause it was stuck on the 0.166.0 version. If I selected Check for updates it would say I had the most recent version.
Anyhow I managed to install 0.169.0 but now it keeps downloading an update and then squirrel gives me a log of of which is showing that it cant find paths and what not. And every time I restart Atom it tries to do the same update again and again.


Latest update (as of this writing) fixes the issue. :smile:


This problem is back. Upon download complete, the auth dialog pops up, and I enter my password. Then the Atom menu offers “Restart and Install.” When I click that Atom quits. I wait and wait (like 20 minutes) and finally give up and start Atom manually. It’s the same old version (1.0.7), and it again says “Downloading Update” in the Atom menu. Infinite loop.


Have you tried uninstalling and then installing the latest version from the website?