Atom (0.96.0) hangs on startup


I’ve been working on a large HTML Javascript project. I had to restart and now I cant get in to access the file.

I would love to provide more information I just don’t know where to look.


Is the file larger than 2MB?


Not at all. The *.js file in qusetion is ~300kb


Are you using “React”?


I’m not sure what “React” is. Is it a plugin?

Edit: I’m using Kendo If it matters…


Ok, so here’s what happened…

Using git I ignored some local changes to the JS file and “moved to trash”
Git pull --rebase wrote a bunch of changes and when i went ti use the editor again KAABLEWEY Everything is borked.

Go to ~/.atom and delete editor - 8945u9th2405h24058gb408tbg... and re open the project and it’s like nothing happened…