Async completion any suggestions?


I would like to use get completion for Haxe language asynchronously(through running external process) would be happy to use autocomplete-plus, but it’s seems like it supports only synchronous providers. Any suggestions?


I also need async support for go-plus and if noone gets to it before I do, I’ll be adding it to autocomplete-plus.


I made autocomplete-plus-async, works fine with my autocomplete-haxe


I’m not using Go or Haxe (at least not right now), but I do use autocomplete-plus. If I were using Haxe, I would be very wary of switching to a fork of autocomplete-plus just for your plugin. Perhaps you should submit a pull request to the original autocomplete-plus package rather than creating a completely new one?


I found an issue at autocomplete-plus about async providers and wrote plugin author if he is ok with my changes to code(and if he accept it), then I switch to autocomplete-plus.

Actually I made it in such way, that you can use both at same time, original plugin and my fork, but I agree, that it would be best to merge changes to original plugin.


My assumption has always been that this be done against autocomplete-plus. I’ll create a branch in the autocomplete-plus repo and we can collaborate on it there. I’ve used async extensively on go-plus.


Sure, please let me know where to find your branch.