Associating files with Project when switching/closing


I’m an Adobe Brackets user but I’m interested in switching to Atom for nearly every reason but one – the lack of associating and opening/closing files associated to a Project. In Brackets you can Open Folder… (which is basically a Project). You then can open various files that show up in the pane above it called ‘Working Files’. After working on the Folder/Project, you can switch to another Project/Folder. All the files associated with that Folder exit and return once you choose that specific Folder again. With Atom, every file no matter what Project I’m working on stays in the top tabs. So if I’m working on three Projects and I have five files open from one Project, two from another Project, and 10 from the third, then I have 17 files open. This gets very confusing. Anyone know how to configure it like Brackets or does the UI just not work like this? If not, I’m sticking with Brackets for sanity purposes.

Thank you


I just open each project in its own window and switch between windows.


Interesting… This would work, but if the window was closed, all files associated with that Project are wiped in the tabs.


I’m on Windows and when I close and reopen a folder (project) all the tabs are maintained.


How do you reopen the project that was closed? Assuming that you closed the window by File > ‘Close Window’ and then reopening by File > ‘New Window’, then ‘Add Project Folder…’. For me this results in wiped tabs.


I right click on the folder in the File Explorer and select ‘Open with Atom’ or I click on the Atom icon pinned to the taskbar (which opens the last project with tabs intact)

I never used the ‘Add Project Folder…’ or ‘Open Folder…’ from the menu. I tried it and they don’t maintain tabs for me either. Weird.


I’m running OSX 10.10.5. Not getting same results. While I could leave all my Project Windows open, I tend to work on many files at once that are spread out over weeks, so having to recompile all my work would be rough. Thanks for guiding me through this opus! I appreciate it.