Assignment of keymap to "window: focus-next-pane" does not work



I set it in kyemap.cson as follows, but it does not work well.
※The default keymap (cmd-k cmd-n, cmd-k cmd-p) works without any problems

Occurrence environment

Mac Mojave 10.14.3
Atom 1.35.0


  'cmd-}': 'window:focus-next-pane'
  'cmd-{': 'window:focus-previous-pane'


I don’t have a Mac and thus don’t know for sure if they have the same symbols on the keyboard, but on my keyboard you make } with shift-]. If yours is the same, try cmd-shift-] and see if it works.


Thank you for the advice.
I tried to change the “}” to “shift-]” but it also didn’t seem to work …



Try opening the keybinder resolver and see which keys does it read when you activate those key combination. You can reach it through the command pallet or type cmd + . keys. Close the bottom drawer again by toggling the command again.



When I checked using keybinder resolver, it seems that there was a conflict with other plug-ins and shortcuts.
It may have been due to plugin updates, not Atom.
Thank you very much.