Asks to add external projects on startup


And as it does this every startup, i want to get rid of this. It’s annoying.

a google search revealed to me that i might be the only one with this… problem or i might just not be smart enough for the right searchterms… if someone could please point me in the right direction where i can disable this “feature” that would be much appreciated.


picture x 1 >= words x 1000


looks like this… thats just a few of them (about 60 of those)



I don’t think this notification is part of the default Atom install so one of your community packages is doing this. You can verify this by running Atom in safe mode atom --safe which disables all community packages to see if you still experience the same problem.


well since the problem didnt persist in safe mode… youre probably right…alright ill try the divide and conquer method then … thanks


omnisharp was the cause for my annoyance… and until now i just couldnt find the checkbox in its settings to disable this feature…