Asar - unpack more than one file extension


Sorry if this is a really stupid question. Running this command:

asar pack content app.asar --unpack *.pdf

Creates an asar file with an app.asar.unpacked folder containing all the PDF files in the content folder. However, I want to also unpack all .mp4 files, but I can’t figure out what expression I need to put after --unpack. I’ve tried

*.pdf *.mp4
*.pdf, *.mp4
[*.pdf, *.mp4]
["*.pdf", "*.mp4"]

Should I be using the --unpack option or is there something else to try? Oh and if it’s not at all possible that would be good to know to so I can think about a workaround.

Thanks in advance for any help!


I haven’t found a way to do so, but you can use the following:

for ext in pdf mp4; do asar pack content app.asar --unpack *.$ext; done


asar extract app.asar app/