Arrange panes vertical / combine panes


Hi friends,

I am using the project-viewer package and a symbol browser package. Both on the right side of Atom. Now I would like to know if it is possible to arrange them vertically (like split view). So right top the symbol browser and under the symbol browser the project view.

Is that possible?



That depends. The symbol viewer is probably using a dock item (you haven’t identified which one, but the ones I know of do, so I’m going with that). project-viewer creates a panel. The project-viewer code would have to be changed to make it spawn a dock item instead, and then you could use all of the normal splitting commands.


I am using the packages “symbol-list” and “project-viewer”. Do you have an example for a package that uses a dock item? Have no clue what a “dock item” will look like. I definitely would like to have it at the right side – just not side by side but underneath each other.


I use project-viewer as my preferred panel but only the default panel.
I explored Packages list and I see that there is another package from same author …

Key features

  • Rewritten with Babel and Etch ;
  • A suite of automation tests for better stability and maintainability;
  • Uses dock instead of panel.

I have not tried it yet but I see that it uses dock instead of panel.

[later edit] I experimented by installing project-viewer-plus but so far have not been able to get it to work. Project-viewer does continue to work.


Here’s the explainer blog post from when docks were released.