Argv returns unexpected values when I open a file on double click


Hi - I am trying to open a file on double click. The file is being built for the Mac App Store using electron-packager.

I have things set up so that my app open, but I can’t get the file name from the argsv array - it always returns as something odd.

A simplified version of the code I am using is:

	function( e ) {

		let data = null;

		if ( process.argv.length >= 2 ) {
			data = process.argv[1];

		e.returnValue = data;


The data being returned for vlalue 0 is the app path, and for value 1 is something like -psn_0_857362 however I was under the impressions argsv[1] would be the path to the requested file.

Why is it not displaying the path? Is this not possible with the mac app store or do I need to do something else to make it work as expected?