Are vim style tabs with fixed windows possible?


I’ve been trolling the docs and packages to no avail. Might be that ‘vim’, ‘split’ and ‘tabs’ are just too common that I couldn’t see what’s staring right at my face!

For working on related files, I’d like to have a set of tabs where each one has a independent set of panes/files.

For example, a three tab session:

Tab 1 is two panes, split vertically. Left pane is controller_author.js and the right pane is view_author.html.
Tab 2 is two panes, split vertically. Left pane is controller_book.js and the right pane is view_book.html.
Tab 3 is 3 panes, split both ways. Left pane is site-global.scss and right is split horizontally with site-variables.scss and site-mixins.scss on the bottom

When hit cmd + 1 to go to Tab 1, both ‘author’ related files/panes should appear and take over atom. cmd + 2 for the ‘book’ panes and cmd + 3 would bring up the style panes.

Just found an old post seeking the same so I’m guessing atom just isn’t wired this way. If that’s true, can anyone suggest another way I might go about this? Was thinking that synchronized tab switching might almost work (if a bit of a boar to set up). So, something like cmd-alt-1 would switch to the first tab in all panes…

I realize I may very well just stuck in my old ways! Totally digging my last month or so with atom and I’m absolutely open to new ways to approach related-file editing.



Yeah, Atom isn’t wired in this way. The hierarchy in Atom’s view system is PaneCollection → Pane → PaneItem. Tabs are a visualization of multiple PaneItems in a Pane. From what I understand of your request, you want tabs to have their own panes and in Atom the turtles just don’t go that far down :wink:


Oh well. Thanks very much for the answer @leedohm. Will try to readjust my brain/fingers. And maybe look into writing my own ‘synchronized tab switching’ plugin. :sunny: