Are there project-based learning resources for Electron online?


I am struggling to learn Electron now. The documentation is not Project based approach, which make it hard to learn. I really want to learn Electron by walking through a simple but complete project.

I have searched Youtube for video and Amazon for book. I got no luck on Youtube, all the videos are intro level, just as Get Started does. I do find a book on Amazon named Quick Desktop Application Development Using Electron, but it has only one star rate. I dont know whether I should give it a try.

Can you guys give me some suggestions? Any learning resource to recommend?
Thank you very much.


It’s not necessarily what you’re after, but for a big list of various resources, etc:

I’m not sure what your background is, but general web/Node knowledge is all you need, especially for a simple project. From that point you learn the APIs, etc that you might need as you go.

I’d suggest using a boilerplate project, with a vanilla web project in mind and go from there.


Thank you.

In fact, I have read all the document and started to write small apps. I have thought about why I want a walk through. Maybe the real question is “what is the best practice”, “how should I organize the code” etc. These kind of needs can not be solved by loose related demo code. A complete demo project will do better.


I’m sure some people will disagree, but I’d opt for a Single-Page Application (whether through a framework or not) for a native, non-webby experience.

Other than that, structure it however you would any other web app, and take advantage of the ES6 features in Chrome and Node!