Are there packages for these functionalities?


Hi, I have a few functionalities I was wondering if there were either settings or packages for:

  1. jsdoc syntax highlighting,

  2. show jsdoc info when hovering a reference to a function with jsdoc comment, as happens in VS Code

  3. jsdoc autocomplete

  4. in auto complete, prioritise functions and variable declarations, such as from a required module, or as declared in that specific module

  5. show autocomplete options with all possible options and whether they are functions or properties etc.

  6. show autocomplete options after a dot, ie/ member functions/variables

  7. auto formatter including braces under function name, and specific things such as echer loop should have a space below the closing brace

  8. hold a key and click a reference to jump to the declaration (there is a module for a single file, however not fot multiple, also certain variables are unsupported. There is a vs code default functionality that does this

  9. automatically update require statements in javascript when a javascript file is moved to a new directory

  10. have user snippets appear at the top of autofill, and allow autofill guessing when non-standard syntaxes are used to declare the prefix, such as ‘…doSomething’

  11. a linter or linter setting to have warning/error notices on undeclared variable use

  12. hit tab to bring cursor to the end of the line is there is text preceding it