Are there any changelogs for Atom?



Are there changelogs available anywhere for each new version of Atom?

I know that it auto-updates, but it’d be nice to know what changed.

And since Atom isn’t open-source, we can’t check the commit history…lol.



You can look at the release notes in the help menu, but it seems the release notes panel is broken in some sort of way. When I open it, it only displays this:


As of 0.61.0, the Release Notes now shows details (and include emoji!)


0.62.0 also has Release Notes, however 0.61.0 are gone - so no history is available.


All versions up to 0.65.0 have only had undefined in the released notes for me.

I’d love to see what’s changing each time. I know in one of the last couple updates they made it so you could have more than one new file at a time. :smile: Go, Atom, go!


That panel only shows the notes for the release you’re using, not the log of previous releases. :-/


I’ve had this same problem as well. Nothing but undefined for release notes.


Yeah would love to be able to see the release notes, even if it’s just for the current release.

Help -> Release Notes




Hmm, well, the auto-update seems to break for me - I tried to update from 0.65.0 - and it just froze, and after that, the option to Check for updates disappeared. I had to download the DMG again from the site and reinstall…joy.

Anyhow, I’m now on 0.67.0, and the release notes are still showing those for 0.65.0?

Devs - any idea what’s going on?


Just got 0.67.0, now have undefined.


I can help with 0.67.0:


###Major Changes

  • Soft-wrapped lines are no longer hidden by the scrollbar.
  • Fixed buggy behavior when soft-wrapped lines contained hard tab characters.

###API Changes

  • The path returned from atom.packages.getApmPath() must now be spawned using a BufferedProcess instead of a BufferedNodeProcess.

Anyone got 0.66.0’s change log?


I updated to 0.67.0 and get this for the release notes. I’ve uninstalled Atom using AppCleaner and also blew away the whole ~/.atom folder with no luck. Still get undefined and “Close Atom and reopen it” even though I am already on 0.67.0.


I also just updated to 0,67 and still get the release notes from 0.65.


I get the the 0.67.0 release notes now, after a few restarts.

However, interestingly enough - when I click Check for Updates, it shows me the there are no updates window three times, one after the other…lol.



@victorhooi where is the “Check of Updates”?


It shows up conditionally as the menu item Atom > Check for Updates.



Not for me.


Restarting helped. I just quit it and started it up again.