Are stable releases actually more stable than old ones?


I apologize in advance for being negative.

From reading the bug reports is appears that the new stable releases like 1.2.0 are just as unstable as the releases before the new stable/unstable process. I can’t use 1.2.0 right now because of a bug accessing fuse directories.

This might just be a problem of getting the new release system working properly but I was curious if anyone feels the same. If I wasn’t busy I’d count bug reports between the new and old.


Part of what will make the new stable releases more stable is if people actually use and report bugs on the beta channel. I don’t have numbers, but from what I’ve seen of the bug traffic there isn’t a critical mass of beta channel users yet. If everyone continues to use master or release versions exclusively, then the beta channel won’t be effective.


Ah, now I feel guilty. After my problem is fixed I’ll try using beta. I’m pretty good at working around bugs. I have a lot of practice using my own software. (grin)