Are CSS comments highly demanding for Atom during the save process?


It takes Atom an unusually long amount of time (30s+) to save one of my CSS files. Once I comb it and remove the comments, saving the same file (- comments) takes about one second. The same is true for saving the file in safe mode as well. If size may be an issue, the file is 101KB.

Is it time for a fresh install?


Before that:

Have you tried the same process in --safe mode? Maybe some package is responsible for that unexpected long saving time.

Have you tried profiling the save process using the chrome devtools?
You should be able to spot which part of Atom or of the installed package is taking this long when saving.


Saving the file in safe mode produces the same results.

I am not sure how to profile the save process in chrome devtools or what that means, exactly. But I will go figure it out and respond after I try.


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I’m not sure what is relevant, but here are the top offenders in the profile (there were other error symbols in the profile, but all assoc. w/functions <1%).

Also, turns out I was exaggerating about the save time. Hadn’t actually measured it until now.


Not sure whether it’s related, but Atom is crashing now that I’m using it along with the Chrome devtools Workspace. The alert says to report the crash but I don’t have much insight I can provide other than what what is in the sentence before this one.