Are "bump" replies allowed?


Just as the subject implies, is it considered acceptable on Discuss to “bump” your post if it hasn’t gotten a reply in a while?


The best bump reply are those that don’t looks like a bump. Eg you found a new information to contribute.

A single bump is probably OK, depending of the definition of a while. Multiple bump in a row is possibly a problem.

Also sometime people just don’t know the answer of what was asked.


If your topic hasn’t been replied to in a week, a single bump in a row shouldn’t really affect much as far as I see it


Bumping, in general, is frowned upon. The reason why is that the forum is for people to discuss what they want. If you’re bumping something, then it means that for whatever reason you’re trying to get people to talk about something that they have no interest in talking about. It’s like if you go to a party where everyone is talking about art and music and you start shouting about sports and trying to make people talk about sports. It’s just rude.

But there are exceptions, so I’ll generally let a single bump of a particular topic slide so long as it is used extremely sparingly.

This is the best strategy.

This is also very, very common.

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In any case the min number of chars in a post is 10 to avoit people saying +1. It used to be 20 but I asked for it to be reduced to 10.