Are Any Packages Currently Supporting Docks?


Title says it all…


Not sure if you saw the blog post but tree-view has been converted to use docks. See the relevant PR.

Also if you are on Atom 1.18 beta, the new github package is using docks as well.


I believe Linter is also using docks.


Yep yep, I saw the tree view in 1.17, which is pretty neat! I just didn’t know if any developers jumped on it during beta and tried to release anything pertaining to it for the launch of 1.17.


I’ll have to check this out! :slight_smile:


We have been rapidly switching to docks over at Hydrogen.


That looks so good.


Excellent!! :slight_smile:


Version 0.44.0 of latex is now using docks.


Version 0.10.0 of atom-commander now supports docks as well. It uses docks by default, but if you prefer the original behaviour then it can be changed under the settings.


The latest version of process-palette also uses the dock now.