Applying PHP grammar to code in .php file Without opening <? PHP tag


I’m working on PHP code for a web based tool that doesn’t allow the opening <?php or <? tags.

I want to have atom apply it’s grammar and formatting to the code I’m working on, but it won’t unless I have those opening and closing tags.

Any suggestions?


Hmmmm starting your file with //<? Does apply the syntax… yours to see if it works with your tool

… this is pure bidouillage I don’t know well php


It looks like that did the trick! Thanks so much for your help. Once I get back to my workstation I’ll upvote or gold star or whatever one does here.

Thanks you!


Always a pleasure to hack out a solution. But this PHP files problem might need official questioning… better leave the topic open


Your problem solved?


The problem was solved in the first reply, but unless you are using the same tool, it might not be a useful answer for you.