Application with desktop architecture


Can you recommend simple best-practice application with desktop architecture? SQL, data grids, detail window, database transactions… Or using Electron in this case isn’t good idea?


OK, at least where to start? What frameworks are good for making desktop-like applications? What kind of boilerplate?


Your question does not make sense. Electron is a framework for creating desktop applications using web technologies. Considering you’re on the electron discussion forums, the answer to:

What frameworks are good for making desktop-like applications?

Is Electron.


Yes, of course, but I found many combinations of frameworks. Electron + React, Electron + Angular… I came from classic desktop development, I know MVC, MVVM etc. from Java to C#, even PHP, but I have really problems to understand wide Node.js ecosystem. So I am looking for anything, which helps me to understand and start, how to create fully-fledged desktop-like application via Node.js (i.e. Invoicing system, ERP…)


You would write an Electron application the same as you would a web application. The frameworks you mentioned (React, Angular) are front end frameworks.


Of course, Java has JavaFX, .NET WinForms … I would be very glad to take a look at Electron’s simple application with SQL, data binding, transactions, data grids - with Everything common in desktop IDE - to understand, how to make this in Node .js ecosystem, but I can’t find anything.