Application Freezing After Maximizing/Snapping


Hello everyone! I am currently working on an Electron application, and have run into a most particular bug which I cannot seem to find a reason for. Here are the repro steps:

  1. Start application on Windows 10 computer with a touchscreen (it does NOT repro on a non-touchscreen computer)
  2. Either maximize (via the maximize button) or snap the application (via dragging the app to the top, the left, or the right of the screen; or by using win key + up/left/right arrow key)
  3. Drag the app by the window bar or unsnap via the opposite direction win key to restore it to the original size

Expected: this should be fine, everything should work normally
Actual: the application appears to freeze/swallow mouse clicks (technically the toolbar is still clickable/useable, only the main window freezes). If I resize the window or maximize/snap it again, then it unfreezes and the results of the mouse clicks I had done while it was frozen suddenly have an effect.

Some other notes:

  1. It only happens the first time you maximize/snap
  2. I can open up dev tools before and during the freeze, but nothing odd appears in the console
  3. We are using JQuery and do have methods which are binded to .resize of our window, but I don’t think these are the issue
  4. I suspect this is an Electron issue because atom had a very similar issue pre v1.7.0, see these GitHub issues: and

So yep, completely at a loss here on what could be causing this bug! Would love to know if anyone else has some thoughts on the matter.



Can you reproduce the issue using an instance of Chrome with the same version number as the libchromiumcontent included in your version of Electron? Electron’s display capabilities are derived from Chromium, so there’s a high enough likelihood of any given display bug actually being a Chromium bug that you have to answer that first.


I can’t seem to find an installer for chrome that is of the version I’m running, 52.0.2743.82. =/


There’s the Chromium git, but I’ve also struck out.


We found the issue, see here if you’re interested: