Application Distribution question


I followed the Quick-Start tutorial with electron-prebuilt installed globally in Ubuntu. Everything works fine so I moved on to Application Distribution.

The text reads:

To distribute your app with Electron, the folder containing your app should be named app and placed under Electron’s resources directory

To what Electron directory is this referring to and where would it be located in Ubuntu?



This sounds like a duplicate of this previous topic:

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i c. thanks @leedohm. So I am confusing “distribution” with “packaging”. So if I were to cd into my electron-quick-start directory and run npm install, npm would download electron-prebuilt again and install it as a dev-dependency as stated in the package.json, correct? So is that considered a “distribution”? With the purpose of being shared with potential users?

How does that process differ from packaging the entire folder structure into an executable or deb file that can be used like any other application? (with code protection???)