Apple M1 Mac compatibility

Atom crashes on Apple M1 Mac.

Personally, I’m using M1 MacBook Air now and it doesn’t crash for me…

Same here. Freezes, keeps displaying “Editor not responding”, and sometimes it won’t quit, which prevents my macbook from shutting down, so I have to force quit it.

I too am using the MacBook Air M1 with no issues with Atom, anywhere. Perhaps there are packages that could be causing incompatibility issues.

Same here. M1, MacBook Air. Editor freezes after a while and forces me to force quit Atom.

I’ve seen this issue on macOS10.14.6, Shut Down… while Atom is open and holds the process up.

MacBook Pro M1, Big Sur
Atom freezes: the editor window freezes and most of the commands but oddly, some pull down menus will work, like view, etc.
Force Close is the only option. When I open it back up it’s lost all of the projects, etc.

Screen Shot 2021-02-27 at 2.54.54 PM|516x444