Append to default nonWordCharacters in settings


Either in the config.cson file or in the settings page, it would be nice to be able to specify only additional characters for Non Word Characters.
In my case, I saw the shaded out defaults in the field and tried to add an underscore (_) to the list. I realized that I had to retype (or copy paste from ) the entire default list, and append my lonely character.

I would have loved to have the defaults populate in here. Possibilities:

  1. Auto-populate the field with the defaults when editing.
  2. Option to add defaults to the field, so you can add or remove as you see fit.
  3. Some kind of builder.


I went through the same pain adding @ to the word chars. Your option 1 makes the most sense.


I agree with @mark_hahn, option #1 makes the most sense. I’d open an Issue on the settings-view package.


Auto-populate the field with the defaults when editing.

Minor detail: you would populate it with the current value, not the defaults.


Found a related issue and added a link to this from there.

This forum won’t let me post another link because I am new, so it’s issue 243 on settings-view