Appearance of Atom


What is the source used (default) for Atom?
As shown below:

However, mention some source that really is the same as the photo … The font that actually has this “k” rolled up.

I also want to know this Atom background … What color specifically is this? Could you put it in rbg?


You can find out all of those things yourself. The font is listed in Settings -> Editor. The background color is in the source of your syntax theme. You can also open the developer tools at View -> Developer -> Toggle Developer Tools. All of the CSS rules that determine how Atom is displayed are visible there, and you can use ctrl-f to search for <atom-text-editor>, which will have those style rules attached to it.

You appear to be asking about fonts, but in English, when you ask for the “source” for a computer program, people are going to think that you’re looking for this.


Sorry for my English.
Thanks for your help :smile: