App freezes on startup in windows electron 3, window.addEventListener('load' not firing?)

Hi there

An app we’ve made seems to have some issues with electron 3.0.10 on windows. The app works fine on electron 3 with other platforms (linux, osx) and it also works fine with electron 2 on windows.

Debugging, I found that I am not getting window.addEventListener(‘load’, …) to fire it seems

In the console I see an error like this but not sure if it is related

[11396:1216/190633.591:ERROR:CONSOLE(106)] “Uncaught (in promise) Error: Could not instantiate: ProductRegistryImpl.Registry”, source: chrome-devtools://devtools/bundled/shell.js (106)

Any ideas for what might be happening?

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Note that if I add window.addEventListener(‘load’,…) directly to a index.html it does fire but not deeper within some code. I am not sure if this is actually what js normally does or not?

Might check to see if any of this helps:

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I guess I couldn’t be sure that it was due to those console messages, so I approached it by using dojo/ready module instead of window.addEventListener(‘load’)

This worked with electron 3 on windows and other platforms so I accept that as ok. In the absence of a more reproducible test case I can just mark this as solved :slight_smile: